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Business 2012 @ The O2 – A bit of a let down?

Whilst [tiny] loves to support business, the Biz2012 event at the O2 has been one of the most poorly organised things we have ever attended.

Rather than rewrite, we’ll direct you to this article by Amanda Hill – God take pity on anyone who purchased a VIP ticket – it’s been a shocker.

  • No signage
  • Staff no idea whats happening
  • Late running
  • No timetable
  • Gave up on ‘registration’ and just opened doors to all comers
  • Miles away from anywhere (basically in the car park)
  • Scruffy – half-finished inside
  • FREEZING cold
  • Nothing new
  • No programme
  • No access to main theatres where ‘celebrity’ speakers are unless you PAY for the FREE event
  • Billing itself as a great event – but truly embarrassing
  • Wrong venue, wrong wrong wrong… should have been Olympia or Excel
Fire the Event Manager?

Who needs to be fired over this mess?

However – we were pleased to see the exhibitors making a real effort and putting on great shows of their own!

With sorrow.. [tiny]


Lets see if things improve tomorrow


Is freelancing right for you? nacue/create

Is freelancing right for you? (1) — nacue/create.

Top URL’s & QR Codes for Small Business advice & services

Click the link to view the PDF

Useful URLs & QR Codes for Small Business

A business in everyone? A Business in you?

Could I be an entrepreneur?

For some people the word entrepreneur habitually means the big tycoons, Trumps, Dragons and Virgins of this world – in reality it is anyone who chooses to brave moving away from PAYE, 9 to 5 and start up a business for themselves, no matter how big or small.

Increasingly necessity driven, starting a business is becoming THE career move, you don’t always need finance, offices and masses of equipment. Home-based is where it can all begin, depending on your idea.

Your business could be your passion for baking, your invention, your creativity, website building skills or.. spotting a gap in the market. Whether it’s muffins or mechanics what’s holding you back?

What do you need?

It might be a business partner, money, advice or even a good supplier of ballpoint pens.

So, is there a business in you?

[tiny] think there’s an idea lurking inside the minds of everyone – but how to take it forward.

We really love the Business In You campaign by Start Up Britain. You can find mentors, advice on finance, admin and a whole lot more…


Never mind teen pregnancy – its a nation of Virgins

BBC News – Virgin Media wins London Underground wi-fi contract

Will it ever end? I fear a Microsoft style backlash against the currently ‘new black’ brand… too much?

BBC News – Virgin Media wins London Underground wi-fi contract.

More information on mobile broadband at 4g Media (

and on money…. and

How to know what’s best for your business | IT Donut

How to know what’s best for your business | IT Donut.

Value-based Pricing of Medicines

The UK government plans to fundamentally overhaul the way medicines are paid for, introducing a value-based pricing system, in 2014.

The White Paper Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS also proposes changes to the role of NICE and structural shifts in the way NHS budgets are handled, with control of 80% of funds passing to GPs.

The change to value-based pricing will not happen immediately – the current PPRS scheme will first be allowed to run its course to 2014. After that drug prices will be set according to the value medicines provide, with access likely to be no longer limited by NICE-set cost-effectiveness thresholds.

“This will help ensure better access for patients to effective drugs and innovative treatments on the NHS and secure value for money for NHS spending on medicines,” the government noted in the White Paper.

In the interim period the government will set up a new Cancer Drug Fund from April 2011 to improve patient access to treatments.

A different role for NICE

The White Paper also tasks NICE will developing new standards for the commissioning of all NHS care and payment systems, and against which progress on improving outcomes will be judged.

NICE will set out authoritative standards and indicators for each part of the patient pathway in a change of direction that will rapidly expand its existing work programme.

The Institute’s prime focus to date has been to assess the cost and clinical effectiveness of medicines, but in June it produced the first three standards, on stroke, dementia and prevention of venous thromboembolism. Each standard is a set of 5-10 specific, concise quality statements and associated measures and within the next five years NICE will be expected to have produced 150.

The White Paper also proposes putting NICE on a firmer statutory footing, securing its independence and core functions and extending its remit to social care.

The Industry reaction to NHS White Paper

The ABPI said it approved with the governments stance on the importance of setting quality standards “for the new era of GP-led commissioning” and welcomed NICE’s involvement in the process.

Then Director-General Dr Richard Barker said: “The ABPI believes that this expansion of NICE’s remit to promote clinical best practice is a higher priority for the future of the NHS than the overly narrow cost effectiveness calculations on new medicines it currently conducts.”

But he was far more cautious when it came to the proposed pricing changes, noting only: “The new Government also proposes to introduce a Cancer Drugs Fund and to review how better to reflect value in the pricing of NHS medicines. We look forward to working with the Government to develop these proposals further whilst maintaining the stability of the current PPRS agreement.”

Things are very uncertain at the moment, the ABPI is under new leadership and [tiny] thinks that the mind-set will change from a focus on niches (cancer) to marketing and pushing this economically vital industry from the trade association.

[tiny] have good experience in value-based pricing in pharmaceuticals, and beyond. We also have excellent partners in Market Access, Training and Government Relations.

Email us today for a chat. For business links – dealing with Government

Keep an eye out for our general Value-based Pricing Article this week – relevant to all markets!

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