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London 2012 Small Business – Opportunity or Disaster?

March 10, 2012


So.. the Olympics are coming… are you prepared?

Lots of good news!

  • This is a massive opportunity for your small business to cash in, but you need to start planning now. Officials think it’s a no brainer and you’ll be swimming in money, see the 2012 view here Mark, small business representative | London 2012.
  • The FSB is equally optimistic, and have a really useful guide:

London Olympics 2012 contract opportunities


via London Olympics 2012 – Federation of Small Businesses – FSB – UK small business support organisation.


  • Don’t miss out on events! just a quick google search will reveal scores of free resources.

See this from the Evening Standard:









A word of warning though…

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has told firms to be ready for the challenges, as well as the opportunities, involved. The warning comes as new research shows half of UK Small and Medium Enterprises expect no disruption from the Games.

  • Some 55% of London’s SMEs believe the Games will not impact on them at all.
  • Nearly three-quarters of those businesses surveyed thought London 2012 would not impact on sales.
  • Only 14% were concerned about transport issues, and less than one in 10 were worried about staff availability, according to the research carried out for Deloitte.

The influx of tourists, athletes, officials, sponsors and international media offers a massive potential source of business: research earlier this summer suggested the UK would benefit from a £750m consumer spending boost in the seven-week period.

Don’t be complacent

  • This is an ideal time to start that business you’ve dreamed of
  • It’s a great time to grow sales & get exposure
  • Make sure you have travel and continuity plans
  • Make sure your staff and suppliers do the same
  • Check with TFL and LOCOG regularly for updates
  • Plan, research, test, plan again, test again – then enjoy!

London 2012 organisers say that they have consulted small businesses throughout the planning process, offering information and workshops on how to make the most out of the Games.

If you need any help or advice on how to capitalise on London 2012 – get in touch tiny by EMAIL or at the WEBSITE

Is your small business hoping to capitalise on the 2012 Games? What help do you need? Are you based in the London Olympics area? Send us your comments, experiences and questions using the form below.

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