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London 2012 Small Business – Opportunity or Disaster?


So.. the Olympics are coming… are you prepared?

Lots of good news!

  • This is a massive opportunity for your small business to cash in, but you need to start planning now. Officials think it’s a no brainer and you’ll be swimming in money, see the 2012 view here Mark, small business representative | London 2012.
  • The FSB is equally optimistic, and have a really useful guide:

London Olympics 2012 contract opportunities


via London Olympics 2012 – Federation of Small Businesses – FSB – UK small business support organisation.


  • Don’t miss out on events! just a quick google search will reveal scores of free resources.

See this from the Evening Standard:









A word of warning though…

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has told firms to be ready for the challenges, as well as the opportunities, involved. The warning comes as new research shows half of UK Small and Medium Enterprises expect no disruption from the Games.

  • Some 55% of London’s SMEs believe the Games will not impact on them at all.
  • Nearly three-quarters of those businesses surveyed thought London 2012 would not impact on sales.
  • Only 14% were concerned about transport issues, and less than one in 10 were worried about staff availability, according to the research carried out for Deloitte.

The influx of tourists, athletes, officials, sponsors and international media offers a massive potential source of business: research earlier this summer suggested the UK would benefit from a £750m consumer spending boost in the seven-week period.

Don’t be complacent

  • This is an ideal time to start that business you’ve dreamed of
  • It’s a great time to grow sales & get exposure
  • Make sure you have travel and continuity plans
  • Make sure your staff and suppliers do the same
  • Check with TFL and LOCOG regularly for updates
  • Plan, research, test, plan again, test again – then enjoy!

London 2012 organisers say that they have consulted small businesses throughout the planning process, offering information and workshops on how to make the most out of the Games.

If you need any help or advice on how to capitalise on London 2012 – get in touch tiny by EMAIL or at the WEBSITE

Is your small business hoping to capitalise on the 2012 Games? What help do you need? Are you based in the London Olympics area? Send us your comments, experiences and questions using the form below.


[tiny] @ Contemporary Textiles Fair launch

[tiny] attended the launch of The Contemporary Textiles Fair last night in Teddington, it’s the third event like this we’ve been to and it’s great to see so many creative folks, upcoming designers and fantastic micro businesses.

A couple of designers really grabbed out attention…

Jillian Hurst and her fantastic chairs and ‘poofs’ – really cool stuff to put your bum on (sorry for the quality of the photos!)

Elizabeth Chester, Tapestry Weaver, and these amazing hanging tapestries (the photos don’t do them justice)

And.. [tiny] favourite Laura Rose Textiles, who you should comission for work immediately! … sharing a stand with the glowing Lotus Blossom

Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 March 2012


The Contemporary Textiles Fair, an established event on the Landmark’s calendar, will again be bringing together more than 75 designer makers exhibiting and selling a stunning range of hangable and wearable art including embroidery, devore, weaving, hand-knits and much more. Felting demonstrations will be held throughout the weekend.

Get yourself down for a bit of culture and couture….


Lanmark Centre, Teddington

… and a s a final plug – any of you lovely people requiring help with promoting your business, online of offline can get in touch with us at – or through the website

If you have your own design blog – please get in touch as we are still getting a crowd together for a (late) launch of which will be a free landing page for your own blog – advertised by [tiny] to promote fun, food, fashion and little businesses.


Really affordable Small Business & Start-up Websites

As a small business ourselves, we are the ideal choice to get your first small business website online. We can also redesign your old sites, set up an online shop for you and we specialise in create logos, brands,  help you to blog and much more…

For example our small business website design start up website package is priced at only £385 and offers a professional solution at an affordable price. For details of what is included please see the panel on the right hand side.

Our very affordable pricing, free updates built into your agreement, and a process that develops your website according to your vision – you’ve landed in the right to start or grow your online presence.

Our prices are low, a basic site will cost around £300, most of our customers spend about £500 on a basic site to get it well publicised.

A ‘basic package’ might include

  • Website address
  • Two years web hosting
  • Custom designed design
  • Up to ten web pages
  • Graphics
  • A contact & enquiry form
  • Ten email addresses
  • Submission to Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Free updates ‘tweaking’ for one month

Of course this is all customisable, and for a small fee (£10 – £70) we can promote your page to over 400 search engines, push it up the rankings – and will keep doing so for 12 months.

We provide on-going support from an hourly rate, or an annual price to be agreed. This is ideal if you want to regularly update your pages.

Then there’s a more advanced site, something you’ll need maintaining often – perhapaps a booking system or online shop. We still offer great value on these sites,  get in touch for a chat about your needs!





MedTech firm grows headcount and facilities

Businesswoman consulting a partner

MedTech Consulting

Team Consulting, based at the heart of the Cambridge technology cluster in the UK, has cashed in on its best ever year to open a new respiratory physics laboratory.

The technology design consultancy is looking to recruit a number of new people with immediate effect to exploit the opportunity, and plan to double the size of the company within the next five years.

Team markets itself as the only purely medical-focused design and development company in Cambridge. The new lab is based at its headquarters in nearby Ickleton.

[tiny] have good experience in Market Access, Pricing and Government Relations, and will consult (that’s fancy for chat) with you at every stage.

We have partners in Pharma and High Tech industries who we can refer you to if its too geeky for us.

Get in touch

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Prepare a business plan for growth

Business Link

Check it out - its FREE!!

What your business plan should include

Your business plan should include a summary of what your business does, how it has developed and where you want it to go. In particular, it should cover your strategy for improving your existing sales and processes to achieve the growth you want.

You also need to make it clear what period the business plan covers – generally the next 12 months to two years.

The plan should include:

  • Your marketing aims and objectives, for example how many new customers you want to gain and the anticipated size of your customer base at the end of the period. To find out about marketing strategy, see our guide on how to create your marketing strategy.
  • Operational information such as where your business is based, who your suppliers are, and the premises and equipment needed.
  • Financial information, including profit and loss forecasts, cashflow forecasts, sales forecasts and audited accounts. See our guide on cashflow management: the basics.
  • A summary of the business objectives, including targets and dates.
  • If yours is an owner-managed business, you may wish to include an exit plan. This includes planning the timing of your departure and the circumstances, eg family succession, sale of the business, floating your business or closing it down. See our guide: consider your exit strategy when starting up.

If you intend to present your business plan to an external audience such as investors or banks, you will also need to include:

  • your aims and objectives for each area of the business
  • details of the history of the business, including financial records from the last three years – if this isn’t possible, provide details about trading to date
  • management’s skills and qualifications
  • information about the product or service, its distinctiveness and where it fits into the marketplace

[tiny] can help you with your planning and ideas, and will consult (that’s fancy for chat) with you at every stage. Talk is FREE, great service is LOW COST!

We will work to what you can afford, and produce effective plans, reality checks and then websites, logos, branding and anything else you need – bounce ideas around with us.

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Take a look at this video from Business Link..

Seling, Sales and the BDM

What is the definition of selling?

Maybe you’re born with it? Certainly it is a skill and a profession is there an art or science to it – should we all adopt Nudge theory?

Really it’s just influence, persuasion and relationships; a simple matter of who you know, how well you know them and, to some degree, your ability to manipulate.

We all have our definition of what it is and what it takes. Great products or services certainly helps,  but let’s not forget the ones who can sell sand to the Arabs and ice cream to the Eskimo.

So what of products versus sales people? Top products appear (think Pokémon, iPods and Ugg-boots) and customers queuing up to buy them. This is hysteria – but there’s a clever salesperson behind it all – some canny mentally manipulative marketer. It doesn’t matter if they are in the offices of Bell Pottinger or on your doorstep.

For every widget, there will be better widgets, perhaps the best ever – but we guarantee even they won’t pick up the phone and sell themselves. We need successful salespeople. We all hear about salespeople who are great because they have the ‘gift of the gab’ – but it takes a lot more.

Beyond innovation, business success requires considerate, considered market positioning backed up by practised, steadfast, coherent, imaginative, connected, persistent, well-informed, believable, compelling, engaging, experienced, competitive salespeople.

You can hire it, you can teach it – but you can’t avoid it!

Sales people

Can you spot a good one at interview?  Can you even afford one?  They take time to hire, tutor and develop; they’ll need hand holding (at first) and they need paying; a lot based on top performance!

All the while – you carry the risk, it’ll be ages before you have any idea if your sales are climbing high, or if your new man has been sitting at South Mimms services enjoying a late. What is the cost of your outlay in time, money and reputation while you wait to find out?

[tiny] can help you with all your training needs, and will consult (that’s fancy for chat) with you about what you need, what you can afford – and where to get it. Get in touch

Call us on +44 (0)7811 259 952

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