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Seling, Sales and the BDM

March 8, 2012

What is the definition of selling?

Maybe you’re born with it? Certainly it is a skill and a profession is there an art or science to it – should we all adopt Nudge theory?

Really it’s just influence, persuasion and relationships; a simple matter of who you know, how well you know them and, to some degree, your ability to manipulate.

We all have our definition of what it is and what it takes. Great products or services certainly helps,  but let’s not forget the ones who can sell sand to the Arabs and ice cream to the Eskimo.

So what of products versus sales people? Top products appear (think Pokémon, iPods and Ugg-boots) and customers queuing up to buy them. This is hysteria – but there’s a clever salesperson behind it all – some canny mentally manipulative marketer. It doesn’t matter if they are in the offices of Bell Pottinger or on your doorstep.

For every widget, there will be better widgets, perhaps the best ever – but we guarantee even they won’t pick up the phone and sell themselves. We need successful salespeople. We all hear about salespeople who are great because they have the ‘gift of the gab’ – but it takes a lot more.

Beyond innovation, business success requires considerate, considered market positioning backed up by practised, steadfast, coherent, imaginative, connected, persistent, well-informed, believable, compelling, engaging, experienced, competitive salespeople.

You can hire it, you can teach it – but you can’t avoid it!

Sales people

Can you spot a good one at interview?  Can you even afford one?  They take time to hire, tutor and develop; they’ll need hand holding (at first) and they need paying; a lot based on top performance!

All the while – you carry the risk, it’ll be ages before you have any idea if your sales are climbing high, or if your new man has been sitting at South Mimms services enjoying a late. What is the cost of your outlay in time, money and reputation while you wait to find out?

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